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Navigating the Landscape of Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Arizona

While almost everyone knows they are required to carry liability insurance for their vehicles in case they cause an accident, not everyone knows how important vehicle insurance can be if you are injured by someone else. In Arizona, insurance can protect you if you are injured by someone else who either does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance to cover your medical expenses and other damages. This is why the State of Arizona requires insurance companies to offer Uninsured Motorist coverage (“UM”) and Underinsured Motorist coverage (“UIM”).

Three Keys for Every Real Estate Purchase Contract

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, a well-planned and well-written purchase contract is essential.  In fact, you don’t have an enforceable agreement without one.  In Arizona (and most other states), an agreement for the sale of real property must be in writing and signed.  And if the terms aren’t clear, a court won’t ... Read more

Depositions in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury litigation can be complex, and involves reviewing medical records, coordinating with opposing counsel, understanding medical terminology in addition to other procedural and substantive issues. Most of this is handled by attorneys and legal professionals with the assistance of their clients. However, one critical piece of personal injury litigation involves the direct questioning of the client: the deposition.

Take Charge of Your Lawsuit

Frequently, I have clients that say they are glad they came to the initial consultation because they were not sure they had a lawsuit. Too often, non-lawyers are confused about when a personal injury lawsuit is appropriate. I like to tell clients that if they were injured by the fault of someone else, it is at least worth having a conversation with a personal injury attorney to learn their options. This post will give common examples of accidents that may give rise to a lawsuit. I should note, these are just common examples and it is best to consult with an attorney whenever you were hurt by someone else.

Why is My Personal Injury Case in Federal Court?

Essentially, there are two places where a personal injury case can be brought: State Court and Federal Court. The difference between the two jurisdictions is exactly what it sounds like. State Courts are the courts governed by the rules and laws of the state they are located, while Federal Court is run by the rules and laws set by the Federal government. The overwhelming majority of personal injury cases take place in State Court, however sometimes a case may be in Federal Court.

How To Effectively Deal With a Car Accident

People get into car accidents every day, as it is one of the most prevalent types of personal injury accidents that happen. Vehicle collisions do so much more than just inconvenience someone for the moment, and can lead to serious injury and wage loss if someone has to stay home to take care of themselves. ... Read more

Probate in Arizona – 3 Main Tools in Probate Tool Chest

Arizona Probate The loss of a loved one often leaves their family with many questions regarding the deceased’s possessions. The administration of an estate in Arizona is governed by state statutes and failure to adhere to those statutes can leave the administrator liable. Arizona statutes provide several avenues for administering an estate of a loved ... Read more

Personal Injury Litigation Explained

Personal Injury Lawyer A question many attorneys get in almost every personal injury consultation is “What happens next?” This is an excellent question and most attorneys like to take the time to explain the litigation process to clients. Though each state is different, below our friends at Fowler St. Clair PLLC provide a general overview. Pleadings The ... Read more

Optimizing Payouts in Personal Injury Cases

Suffering a personal injury can be a turbulent experience, demanding not only physical recovery but also psychological healing. An added layer of complexity is comprehending the labyrinth of personal injury claims to guarantee your potential financial redress is maximized. Our friends at Cohen & Cohen provide an overview below on how to increase the likelihood ... Read more

Personal Injury: Litigation Process Explained

A question I get in almost every personal injury consultation is “What happens next?” This is an excellent question and I like to take the time to explain the litigation process to my clients. Each state is different, but below I would like to provide a general overview.  Pleadings The first thing to happen in ... Read more