My Story: Jeff Johnson

Get to know a little more about Jeff Johnson, an associate attorney at Fowler St. Clair.

The Beginning Days

I was raised in the northeast portion of South Carolina in the small town of Dillon. My upbringing afforded me wonderful opportunities to learn and grow as a child within a close-knit community. 

Although it was a small town, Dillon is only an hour west of Myrtle Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Serving as public school teachers, my parents demonstrated the importance of working hard, learning new things every day, and loving our neighbors. Those important life lessons have extended throughout my adulthood.

The College Years and the $60 Shirt

As the college years approached, I made the decision to head only a few hours south of Dillon to attend Charleston Southern University. 

As a junior at CSU, I spent the unheard-of (at least to me) sum of $60 for a designer shirt, hoping to impress a certain girl. As fate would have it, that girl ignored me and my shirt; however, a cute blonde stopped by the soda fountain to tell me I looked nice.

Our time together included hanging out at the local Waffle House. Fast forward beyond those days, and we’ve now been married for over two decades with four wonderful children. It was the best $60 I’ve ever spent!  

The New Law School Experience 

I was accepted as one of the students in the inaugural class of Liberty University School of Law, then a brand-new law school in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Nearly everything about the study of law was enjoyable to me – reading groundbreaking cases, having spirited debates with classmates, being put on the spot by professors, and working as an intern for a public service firm. 

The best part of this experience was the lifelong friendships I forged with many of my fellow law school students, including Andrew Fowler, now one of Fowler St. Clair’s managing partners.

attorney jeff johnson with wife

The Practice of Law 

I’ve now been practicing law for approximately 15 years, and my legal experience has been varied and meaningful.

I clerked for a state judge in Virginia and a federal judge in Ohio before becoming an Assistant United States Attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice. 

Following those assignments, I entered private practice, where I have focused primarily on civil litigation

At Fowler St. Clair, my passion is being an advocate for clients and helping them navigate complex legal issues in a way that is both understandable and effective.

The Southern Lifestyle

I like to venture outdoors – which might mean hiking, bodysurfing, kayaking, or just sitting on the back porch at sundown with a good book.   

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