My Story: Nicholas Strom

Get to know a little more about Fowler St. Clair attorney Nicholas Strom. He focuses on real estate, title issues, and civil litigation. 

The Early Years

I grew up in South Bend, Indiana, and was blessed with two loving parents and three younger siblings. 

Despite coming from modest means, my parents were able to put me through Catholic schools. I am grateful for the impact my Catholic education had on my life, both personally and professionally. 

College, Law School, and Chicago

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) and then attended law school at Valparaiso University in Northwest Indiana after receiving a full-tuition scholarship and living stipend. 

Law school was a good next step given my love to read, enjoyment of debate and because I graduated with a history degree and job prospects for historians is somewhat limited. 

Like many others, I met my wife during college, although the meeting was unorthodox. 

While in college, I worked as a handyman for the Brothers of Holy Cross at Notre Dame. While there, I met and befriended Jeff Heinz, a Chicago fireman who was earning his Master’s Degree in Theology at the university.

I thought he was studying to be a priest.

One day while we were eating lunch, he pulled a picture of a beautiful girl out of his pocket and asked what I thought.

I immediately realized this was his daughter, and knew I had to play my cards right. This was her dad after all.

One of the Holy Cross brothers took pity on me and managed to introduce me to Alison soon after that, and the rest is history. Five years later, we were married in 2012 and moved to Chicago to start a whole new chapter together.

A chapter neither of us could have anticipated.

Quadruplets and Our Move to Arizona

In 2016, Alison became pregnant with quadruplets. This came as a shock. Of course, we were exuberant and overjoyed. Friends dubbed me the “Quadfather,” and Alison and I could not have been happier. However, there were also fears that came with a high order multiple pregnancy. 

Soon after Alison became pregnant, we realized that high order multiple pregnancies are high risk for the mother and the unborn children. After research, Alison learned that the world’s leading high order multiple expert Dr. John Elliot was in Phoenix. 

Taking no chances, Alison and her dad relocated to Phoenix starting in October 2016 to work with Dr. Elliot, while I commuted back and forth from Chicago. 

Our children were born in 2016 at St. Joseph’s in Phoenix. Our children were Dr. Elliot’s 108th set of quadruplets the same year the Cubs won the World Series after a 108-year drought! 

Alison and I fell in love with the Phoenix area and wanted to raise our children near our Arizona relatives. 

In 2020, we moved to the Valley and believe we made the best decision possible about where to raise our family. 

My Focus at Fowler St. Clair

My current practice focuses on real estate, title issues, and civil litigation. 

I find great satisfaction in helping clients resolve issues quickly and economically. 

My parents were mom and pop real estate investors while I was growing up so I was able to see firsthand all the issues, and related stresses (financial and otherwise) that arise in real estate and litigation. 

These childhood experiences impacted me and I am always cognizant of the burdens my clients face. 

My representation focuses on being a trusted advisor that can walk my clients through what is too often a Byzantine labyrinth of complex law. 

Outside of work, I chase my quadruplets!

June 2022 Update: Nick and his family were recently featured in Gilbert Sun News for Fathers’ Day 2022

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