A firm is only as good as the people it keeps.

With ample experience and keen insights, our team is confident that we can deliver on our commitments. Each member of the Fowler St. Clair firm is imbued with integrity and passion, forming a team of attorneys that is as capable as it is approachable.

Fowler St. Clair’s strength is in the collective quality of our team, giving us a dynamic perspective.

Andrew Fowler Attorney at Law - Fowler St. Clair Scottsdale Arizona

Andrew Fowler

Accumulating varied experiences, Andrew Fowler knows and understands Arizona’s business law climate inside and out.

Sean St Clair Attorney at Law - Fowler St Clair

Sean St. Clair

Sean focuses on matters involving real estate, business, and estate planning.  He has developed a niche of resolving title and probate issues involving real estate.

Brian Locker Attorney - Fowler St. Clair Georgia

Brian Locker

Maneuvering through the complex web of various legal issues can be daunting, but that’s the environment Brian Locker thrives in.

Dustin Schanaker Attorney at Law - Fowler St. Clair Scottsdale Arizona

Dustin Schanaker

Dustin has solid experience working for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. He earned both an MBA and a JD, giving him unique insights into Business Law. He works in Casa Grande, AZ.

Elizabeth Best Attorney Fowler St Clair

Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth has experience in civil litigation, business law, probate, and estate planning.

Lily Pedersen Attorney at Law

Lily Pedersen

A wealth of international experience has provided Lily with a distinctive approach to her litigation practice.

Nick Strom Attorney at Law - Fowler St. Clair

Nicholas Strom

Nick’s diverse experience across multiple legal areas and jurisdictions makes him highly effective at developing creative case strategies and delivering successful results for his clients.


Jeff Johnson, Esq - Attorney - Fowler St Clair Georgia

Jeff Johnson

Jeff is an accomplished litigator in state and federal courts he brings a unique perspective to Fowler St. Clair based on his experience in a variety of legal areas.

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