New Virtual Courtroom: Live In-House at Fowler St. Clair

With the establishment of our virtual courtroom and dedicated video conferencing room, it’s Out with the Old, and In With the New … Normal.

The Backstory of our Virtual Courtroom

During the 2020 public health emergency, Arizona courts remained open to serve the public; however, in the interest of safety, certain changes in court appearance practices were set in place. 

In response to the announcement of a statewide emergency by the Governor of the State of Arizona, changes to the ordinary practices of the courts were necessary at all levels. One of those orders restricted in-person appearances of parties in favor of remote appearances via video conference. 

Fowler St. Clair’s Response to Restricted In-Person Appearances

In response to these changes, Fowler St. Clair implemented pandemic-response solutions by enhancing its virtual work opportunities, virtual audio-video communication strategies, additional disaster measures, expanded technology access, continuity of court operations, improved security protocols, and preparation of a virtual courtroom. 

Since then, the Courts have adopted the remote appearance of parties in Court proceedings on a permanent basis. While some law firms are still adapting to the “new” normal by enhancing their on-camera presentations and redesigning their workspaces around remote court appearances, Fowler St. Clair is pleased to announce its newly renovated, in-house courtroom. 

attorneys nicholas strom and lily pedersen in virtual courtroom

Attorneys Elizabeth Best and Nicholas Strom in the Fowler St. Clair virtual courtroom.

Having outfitted the in-house courtroom with state-of-the-art technology, a lectern and desk, multiple cameras, and TV monitors, Fowler St. Clair is equipped to provide a professional, high-quality client experience in remote court proceedings, client meetings, and podcast recordings.

Necessity bred a new level of flexibility and proficiency that most of the world could not have foreseen. Fowler St. Clair continues to evolve its practice to keep pace with the ever-changing world and to deliver high-quality client representation.

The virtual courtroom at Fowler St. Clair is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a lectern and desk, multiple cameras, and TV monitors. This room is also used to produce the IN REM Podcast featuring Andrew Fowler and Sean St. Clair.

Fowler St. Clair continues to be dedicated to winning trust.