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Staying informed about changes in the law and current legal issues is sometimes challenging. That's why our team of attorneys provides you with the thought leadership you need to stay ahead of the game. From emerging trends to complex regulatory developments, we offer the following insights into a wide range of legal topics and issues. 

Together… We Make a Mark: 4 Reasons Why Fowler St. Clair is the Best Place to Work in 2024!

Having just completed our 11th Anniversary, Fowler St. Clair remains committed to its belief that creative legal strategies, proactive solutions, and strategic collaboration are key components to delivering real results, and we recognize that it is a joint effort between our clients and our team! 1. We make service our mantra At Fowler St. Clair ... Read more

Looking Back and Beyond

The year 2023 is behind us, and Fowler St. Clair takes pride in reflecting on the hard work and dedication of their exceptional team and the unwavering loyalty of their long-term clients. This year has been a great success for the firm in the legal industry, and we are grateful for the trust and support ... Read more
attorneys nicholas strom and lily pedersen in virtual courtroom

New Virtual Courtroom: Live In-House at Fowler St. Clair

With the establishment of our virtual courtroom and dedicated video conferencing room, it’s Out with the Old, and In With the New … Normal. The Backstory of our Virtual Courtroom During the 2020 public health emergency, Arizona courts remained open to serve the public; however, in the interest of safety, certain changes in court appearance ... Read more

Scottsdale Law Firm | Fowler St. Clair, PLLC | 10-Year History 2012 – 2022

The year 2022 is a time for reflection as Fowler St. Clair, PLLC is proud to celebrate 10 years, making it a milestone anniversary. Since opening its doors in the Phoenix valley, Sean St. Clair and Andrew Fowler’s partnership began by providing legal services in their law firm located in Gilbert, Arizona. Building Trust with ... Read more

11 Tips for Appointing a Legal Guardian for Your Child in Arizona

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of how to appoint a legal guardian for a minor. In this article we’ll discuss what a legal guardian is and the ins and outs of appointing one. Who will care for my children in the event of parent death? Caring for minor children in the ... Read more

Legal Document Preparer Certification

If you would like to enter the legal field, but do not want to be an attorney, one possibility is to become a certified legal document preparer. Being a certified legal document preparer can provide opportunities for you to help others and learn about various aspects of the legal world. To become a certified legal ... Read more

Homeowners Association Problems: Dealing with an Overbearing HOA

Are you dealing with Homeowners Association problems? If so, you need to know the following: HOA Rights Homeowners Associations have the right to govern some community rules. However, there are state and federal laws restricting what they can do. HOA’s Have the Right To: More importantly, homeowners have certain rights. It’s important to know your ... Read more

Litigation Basics: Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statements

Continuing the series on Litigation Basis, this section delves into Chapter 3 which discusses disclosure statements. Contact Fowler St. Clair for any litigation services you might need if you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Mesa, AZ. Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statements The purpose of a Rule 26.1 disclosure statement is to fairly, accurately, and candidly apprise ... Read more

10 Common Litigation Mistakes A Self Represented Litigant Makes

Are you considering becoming a self represented litigant? The importance of having a litigation attorney advising you cannot be stressed enough. We understand that there may be financial reasons that cause people to consider representing themselves in court. However, because of the intricacies of the law and the rules litigants must follow, minor mistakes in self-representation ... Read more

Fowler St. Clair Helping People in Malawi, Africa

Fowler St. Clair is excited to announce that three of its attorneys, Andrew Fowler, Sean St. Clair and Dustin Schanaker will be traveling to Malawi, Africa and will draw on their collective legal experience to aid Malawian’s in need. Serving with Missional Law They will be serving with Missional Law, a non-profit organization that works ... Read more