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Probate in Arizona – 3 Main Tools in Probate Tool Chest

Arizona Probate The loss of a loved one often leaves their family with many questions regarding the deceased’s possessions. The administration of an estate in Arizona is governed by state statutes and failure to adhere to those statutes can leave the administrator liable. Arizona statutes provide several avenues for administering an estate of a loved ... Read more

Personal Injury Litigation Explained

Personal Injury Lawyer A question many attorneys get in almost every personal injury consultation is “What happens next?” This is an excellent question and most attorneys like to take the time to explain the litigation process to clients. Though each state is different, below our friends at Fowler St. Clair PLLC provide a general overview. Pleadings The ... Read more

Optimizing Payouts in Personal Injury Cases

Suffering a personal injury can be a turbulent experience, demanding not only physical recovery but also psychological healing. An added layer of complexity is comprehending the labyrinth of personal injury claims to guarantee your potential financial redress is maximized. Our friends at Cohen & Cohen provide an overview below on how to increase the likelihood ... Read more

Personal Injury: Litigation Process Explained

A question I get in almost every personal injury consultation is “What happens next?” This is an excellent question and I like to take the time to explain the litigation process to my clients. Each state is different, but below I would like to provide a general overview.  Pleadings The first thing to happen in ... Read more

Personal Injury Law: Damages and Liability Explained

Whether a car accident, slip and fall or other type of injury, personal injury cases involve two important concepts: liability and damages. Understanding these concepts is crucial for anyone involved in a personal injury case, whether as a plaintiff, defendant, or attorney.  Liability Explained Liability refers to legal responsibility for an injury or accident. In ... Read more

When Personal Injury Becomes Civil Litigation

If you or someone you love is hurt, you most likely have a million and one questions running through your mind such as: how are you going to pay your medical bills, can you hold someone responsible for your injuries, what happens next, etc. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, then you ... Read more

Specific Performance Actions in the State of Arizona 

In the State of Arizona, a party can seek specific performance as a remedy for a breach of contract. Specific performance is a judicial remedy that requires a party to perform a specific act, such as fulfilling an obligation under a contract, rather than awarding monetary damages. This remedy is often sought in cases where ... Read more

My Story: Lily Pedersen

Get to know a little more about Lily Pedersen, an associate attorney at Fowler St. Clair. Early Years and Family I was born and raised near Brighton in the United Kingdom by my American mother and a Norwegian father. Growing up, my mum liked to blend our cultures. Although we lived in the U.K., we ... Read more
attorneys nicholas strom and lily pedersen in virtual courtroom

New Virtual Courtroom: Live In-House at Fowler St. Clair

With the establishment of our virtual courtroom and dedicated video conferencing room, it’s Out with the Old, and In With the New … Normal. The Backstory of our Virtual Courtroom During the 2020 public health emergency, Arizona courts remained open to serve the public; however, in the interest of safety, certain changes in court appearance ... Read more

My Story: Jeff Johnson

Get to know a little more about Jeff Johnson, an associate attorney at Fowler St. Clair. The Beginning Days I was raised in the northeast portion of South Carolina in the small town of Dillon. My upbringing afforded me wonderful opportunities to learn and grow as a child within a close-knit community.  Although it was ... Read more