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Staying informed about changes in the law and current legal issues is sometimes challenging. That's why our team of attorneys provides you with the thought leadership you need to stay ahead of the game. From emerging trends to complex regulatory developments, we offer the following insights into a wide range of legal topics and issues. 

What Is Premises Liability and How Does It Affect Landlords?

There are seemingly countless issues relating to landlord-tenant relationships. When can a landlord evict a tenant? When does a landlord have to fix broken items in the property? Can a tenant have pets? When can a landlord increase rent? One important issue that is usually not considered until something goes wrong is what is a ... Read more

What is Mediation in an Arizona Personal Injury Case?

According to Webster, Mediation is an “intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or compromise.” (sub-section a). Put another way, mediation is where parties come together with a third party to try and resolve a dispute. In Arizona, mediation is used in personal injury cases (also known as accident cases), to resolve conflicts between ... Read more

Can I Do My Personal Injury Case Myself?

The short answer is yes, but the more relevant question is should you? This article will explain the basics of the legal process to allow you to evaluate if you can/should proceed with personal injury litigation yourself. Please note, this is just an overview and there is additional nuance outside the scope of this post. ... Read more

Personal Injuries and Personal Injury Compensation

What is a Personal Injury? “Personal injury” refers to physical or psychological harm to a person, as opposed to property damage to property or reputation. This can include injuries to the body, mind, or emotions. Personal injuries can also include mental anguish, pain and suffering, and loss of earnings. Sadly, some injuries may be permanent. A personal injury can ... Read more

Dram Shop Law

A dram shop law renders a dram shop liable for the harmful acts of its intoxicated customers when it overserves an intoxicated customer, and said customer then causes harm to a third-party victim as a result of his/her intoxication (e.g. a drunk driving accident).  A dram shop is “[a] place where alcoholic beverages are sold; ... Read more

We’re Now North Central

We are thrilled to announce that Fowler St. Clair is expanding its presence with the opening of a new office in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Our team has worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as a leading legal resource, and this expansion will allow us to better serve our clients in the North Central region. Resting on the ... Read more

Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”)

If you are a small to medium-size business owner, you need to be aware of the new Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”).  The CTA places additional regulatory burdens on most small to medium-size businesses making it more expensive and complicated to operate.  There are significant penalties for a lack of compliance, so it is important for ... Read more

Together… We Make a Mark: 4 Reasons Why Fowler St. Clair is the Best Place to Work in 2024!

Having just completed our 11th Anniversary, Fowler St. Clair remains committed to its belief that creative legal strategies, proactive solutions, and strategic collaboration are key components to delivering real results, and we recognize that it is a joint effort between our clients and our team! 1. We make service our mantra At Fowler St. Clair ... Read more

Looking Back and Beyond

The year 2023 is behind us, and Fowler St. Clair takes pride in reflecting on the hard work and dedication of their exceptional team and the unwavering loyalty of their long-term clients. This year has been a great success for the firm in the legal industry, and we are grateful for the trust and support ... Read more

Navigating Legal Compliance for Short-Term Rentals in Scottsdale, Arizona

In the dynamic city of Scottsdale, Arizona, the surge in popularity of vacation rentals and short-term accommodations has brought with it a host of legal obligations that property owners must carefully navigate. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll delve into key requirements, focusing on Neighbor Notification, Maricopa County Assessor Registration, the Mandatory Short-Term Rental Notice, and ... Read more
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