Fowler St. Clair Helping People in Malawi, Africa

Fowler St. Clair is excited to announce that three of its attorneys, Andrew Fowler, Sean St. Clair and Dustin Schanaker will be traveling to Malawi, Africa and will draw on their collective legal experience to aid Malawian’s in need.

Serving with Missional Law

They will be serving with Missional Law, a non-profit organization that works with legal professionals in Malawi to protect the human and due process rights of the country’s poor, vulnerable and marginalized. Malawi is a country with a population of approximately 17,500,000 people located in Southeast Africa.

Working To Help Those Unjustly Imprisoned

While in Malawi, their team will work with Malawian legal professionals to identify and assist with cases in which men and women are being unjustly held in prison. This work includes investigating cases that are appropriate for the filing of bail applications or obtaining release orders for those that have been convicted of petty offenses but will serve significant prison time unless a nominal fine is paid.

Protecting Women’s Rights

In addition to the work in the prisons, their team will work to assist in the effort to combat child marriage, violence against women and widow property grabbing. They will partner with another non-profit organization called Live Love to host a village legal clinic. The focus of the clinic will be to educate the chiefs, village headman, and members of the human rights committee within that village and surrounding villages on the issues of child marriage, violence against women and widow property grabbing.

Meeting with Malawi’s Parliament

Finally, their team will participate in meetings with government officials, including a member of Malawi’s Parliament, to strategize how Missional Law can provide assistance with improving the conditions of Malawi’s overcrowded prisons, the inefficiencies of its justice system, and the fight against child marriage and violence against women.

To learn more about Missional Law, you can visit its website at