Legal Document Preparer Certification

If you would like to enter the legal field, but do not want to be an attorney, one possibility is to become a certified legal document preparer. Being a certified legal document preparer can provide opportunities for you to help others and learn about various aspects...

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How to Form A Partnership in Arizona

Are you considering forming a partnership with your business in Arizona? A partnership is an association of two or more co-owners who develop and run a business for profit. You may be asking yourself, “How are Partnerships Formed?” In this article, we’ll answer that...

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Disadvantages to Incorporating

Are There Disadvantages to Incorporating? Choosing a Business Structure   Owning and operating a business can be a complex endeavor. Basic business building and maintenance activities such as product or service creation, sales, marketing and staff management, are all...

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Decanting Arizona Trusts

Decanting is a term wine aficionados and lovers of fine brandy know all too well. The term takes on a different meaning, however, when it is applied to Arizona trusts. What is Decanting? Decanting a trust is not an explicit term found in the Arizona Revised Statutes...

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