My Story: Sean St Clair

Get to know a little more about Sean St. Clair.

Sean is a founder and co-managing partner of Fowler St. Clair.

Growing Up

I grew up in Downey, California, a working-class suburb of Los Angeles. I always wanted to work in a position helping people, but never wanted to be an attorney. 

I was going to be the first in my family to graduate from college, which seemed like a major accomplishment and the thought of an additional three years for law school was overwhelming. 

College, Internship and Bank Robbery

I enjoyed government and politics, so I decided to major in political science with a public affairs emphasis. My goal was to work in local government. In my senior year of college, I became the first-ever paid intern with the Orange County Housing Authority. I enjoyed my time at the housing authority, but I started to realize that dealing with the red tape of government may not be for me.

I also worked part-time as a bank teller during college and had discussions with my branch manager about entering the management program upon graduation. After being in a take over bank robbery, I decided working in a bank may also not be the best (or safest) career option.   

The Path to Law School Thru Las Vegas

Majoring in political science meant that many of my classmates were preparing to attend law school. They were always talking about their scores on the Law School Admission Test (the “LSAT”). Those closest to me know that I am highly competitive. Learning of my classmate’s scores, I decided to take a practice LSAT to find out first-hand just how good their scores were. 

The LSAT takes about 3 hours so I needed to find a quiet location with no distractions for that length of time. Some people may have chosen the library or even their bedroom, but I chose a hotel room in Las Vegas. While my friends were out having fun, I decided to lock myself in the hotel room for 3 hours to take the practice LSAT.

I scored fairly well on the practice test. Based upon that score, I realized I would be accepted to some decent law schools. And, my options would significantly increase if I was able to improve my score by taking a prep course. It was at this point that law school seemed like a possibility. 

I took the prep course, improved my score, and ended up in law school at Arizona State University.

Working After Law School

Upon graduating from law school, I worked as a law clerk for the Honorable William Garbarino of the Arizona Court of Appeals. I then worked for two medium-size law firms and one small law firm before starting Fowler St. Clair with my good friend Andrew Fowler. 

My Focus at Fowler St. Clair

My current practice primarily focuses on real estate, business, and estate planning. In particular, I have developed a niche of representing real estate investors in their transactions and business ventures. This niche provides the most fulfillment I have had in my over 15 years of practice. My clients come to me because they need to properly structure a transaction or their business. There is no better feeling than working with my clients to complete a real estate transaction or watching my clients succeed with their newly structured business.

IN REM Podcast

I also the co-host a weekly podcast with my law partner, Andrew Fowler, titled “IN REM: The Law for Real Estate Investors” – IN REM Podcast .  Each week Andrew and I interview guests and discuss legal topics relevant to real estate investors.  

Missional Law

In addition to helping my clients sell their homes, I use my legal skills to protect and improve the human rights of men and women in Malawi, Africa. 

After discovering the injustices occurring in Malawi as a result of a mission trip, I started a nonprofit organization called Missional Law ( Missional Law works with legal professionals in Malawi to secure the release of men and women who have been wrongfully arrested or detained in Malawi’s prisons. 

Missional Law also works with local villages to educate the chiefs and headmen on the issues of child marriage and violence against women.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Julie, and our two children. Also, having played golf in college, I still fuel my competitive flames by playing in amateur golf tournaments throughout Arizona.

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