Fowler St. Clair is pleased to announce that Mario Micheli has joined the firm.

Mario has more than two decades of real estate, business and title insurance experience.

He will focus on the firm’s growing Title Remedtion Practice.

Sample representation clearing clouds on title for real estate sellers and investors include:

  • Probate of Decedent Estates (formal, informal, and ancillary) and affidavits of succession
  • Quiet Title Actions to:
    • Clear “colorable” ownership claims on title (e.g., marital rights) and liens.
    • Confirm ownership and establish legal access and other rights
  • Demand Letters, Strategic Negotiation, and Advocacy to:
    • Draft and obtain missing deeds and other documents to clear and clarify rights.
    • Remove and release paid off or unenforceable liens and deeds of trust.

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Mario Micheli Esq - Real Estate Title Law experience